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When visiting Grand Cayman, you’ll want to get out and explore the island’s many beaches – all offering something unique.

All beaches in Grand Cayman are public up to the high water mark, including the beautiful stretches of Seven Mile Beach. Look out for ‘Beach Access’ signs and follow the footpaths to some hidden gems.

Seven Mile

Seven Mile Beach (technically named West Bay Beach, but everybody calls it Seven Mile Beach) stretches from George Town to Long Point. SMB is known as one of the top beaches in the world because of its white sand and calm, clear water. Here are the some of our favorite beach areas along SMB.

Boggy Sand Beach

Boggy Sand Beach is at the northern most point of SMB. The designated public beach access is located 323 feet from our driveway. The beach area here is small and moves from season to season but the beach is quiet and free from crowds. The snorkeling and sunsets are fantastic.

Cemetery Beach

Cemetery Beach is also located at the northern end of SMB, just south of Boggy Sand Road. The designated public beach access is located on West Bay Road right beside the Cemetery. There is usually plenty of parking along West Bay Road although the walk is only 8-10 minutes from Clearwater House. Cemetery Beach is known for its shady area and snorkeling.

Governor’s Beach

Governor’s Beach is located just north of the Governor’s residence on West Bay Road, along the SMB corridor just 3 miles from Clearwater House. This beach is very popular with locals and tourists alike because there is plenty of parking and a wide stretch of white sand. It can get crowded but is worth a visit.

Other Favorite
Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman has many great, unique beaches worth visiting and we have only mentioned a few. Some other popular beach areas are Colliers Beach / East End, Kaibo, Cayman Kai, Coe Wood (Bodden Town) and Prospect Point. All beaches in Cayman are public up to the high water mark so enjoy.

Smith Cove

Smith Barcadere, also known as Smith Cove, is located south of Georgetown in South Sound. This area is great for photo ops with the small sandy beach surrounded by limestone and ironshore formations. There are picnic tables, public restrooms and shower facilities.

Spotts Beach

Spotts Beach, located on the south side of Grand Cayman, is well known as a place to watch sea turtles feed in the sea grass. There are two cabanas along with some benches and picnic tables available for BBQs or parties. The beach is frequented by locals and offers a dock perfect for small boats. The waves are usually larger than on other parts of the island and the current is a bit stronger so be careful.

West Bay Public Beach

West Bay Beach is located at the very tip of West Bay road, just before the turn off for NW Point Road. This is a family friendly beach with bathroom and changing facilities, beach cabana and some shade. The beach is also adjacent to the West Bay Dock where dive companies launch from and Alfresco Restaurant for nearby dining. This beach is about a 8 minute walk from Clearwater House, along the sea wall.

Rum Point

Rum Point is on the North Side of Grand Cayman about a 55 minute drive from Clearwater House. There is shade and shallow water for the young kids and hammocks and mudslides for the adults. Lots of amenities: restrooms, watersports, charters to the Stingray Sandbar, the Wreck Bar and Grill, beach chairs and more.

Starfish Point

Starfish Point is also located at the North Side at the very tip of Cayman Kai facing into the North Sound. The sea here is calm and shallow making it a fun spot for kids. You can find lots of starfish in the sea grass. There are gates that make the beach look like private property but you can park and walk through to the beach. Enjoy the starfish but please don’t lift them out of the water.